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We promote web sites on any language, incl. all live European and Asian languages - from 300 eur

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Escorts SEO, Web promotion & Marketing; Strategy plan for any escort web site - from 300 euro


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What do we offer?

Every website intends to be in TOP10 of Google result page (SERP). What can be done for that? Two ways:

  • google adwords - no need to explain what is it;
  • SEO & website promotion - that's what we offer! why should you choose the recent one? because:
  • you know the cost of each click in google adwords? It's somewhere between $1 and $100+
  • instead it, we proudly present WEBSITE PROMOTION of your website TO THE TOP 10 of SEARCH ENGINE RESULT PAGE - LESS MONEY but UNLIMITED CLICKS!
  • SEO (search engine optimization) services included with NO EXTRA CHARGES!

NB Are you still buying shit traffic from bots? They promise you real visitors, but you've never seen how they buying from you? Because they are BOTS! Bots never buy!

Are you still buying cheap links with PR 9? PR 9 is PR of website main page (p.e. twitter.com has PR10, but it doesn't mean that your own twitter page has the same PR - its impossible), but you will never see link to your  website on the main page, so they fool you! Worth and trust of such links are below ZERO, Google may just penalize you for doing that! Don't believe the people who spams you with an e-mail and promising you super effective website promotion - if they really could do that, you would find them already in Google's TOP10, thus they CAN NOT promote your website, they can just take your money for nothing, or even harm your website for your own money!

We use only White-Hat SEO Technologies and effective methods of website SEO optimisation. We constantly test our methods of website promotion on our test websites in order to exclude any possibility to harm the client's websites, but achieve the most rapid and effective results of Google websites promotion. You may order website promotion here

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Now we've expanded our services to the all live world languages and all the encodings supported. Now WEB PROMOTION to the TOP10 of GOOGLE and YAHOO will cost you just from 700 euro

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Web site creation begins with purchase of a domain name and hosting, choice of web site language and its control system and properly by creating a web site. According to experience, people start to think about search engine optimization only after their comprehension, that WEB SITE DOES NOT WORK properly!

Often, because of amazing design and abundance of advertising materials on web pages, the site simply refuses to work normally. So, initially, instead of Web Site Promotion and applying of qualitative SEO methods, we have to liquidate the damage of inappropriate work of web design studios, which’s often very far from understanding of Web Site Destination.

Penguin 2. What kind of bird and how to cook it well. part 1 PDF Print E-mail

Google website promotion becomes more complicated since 2-nd half of may 2013, due to the launch of Pinguin-2 - creation of the head of Google's antispam team Matt  Cutts. As a result, we observe a significant number of trusted websites, disappeared from Seach Engine Result pages (SERP); by the other side, revealed such never-before nonsenses, like the appearance of several (sometimes even all 10) links, referring to the same website, on the first result page of Google search - it's not acceptable even for local unknown search engines, but for Google, its a real nonsense. As well, appeared (i'm talking about the first 20) many web resources, registered just a 1-2 weeks ago, what was unbelievable before. At the same time, the sales of Google Addwords were tremendously increased, so we see the original way to increase the profits. But, I think, it doesn't give respect to search engine itself.

We propose the series of publications on the topic of how not to fall into the claws of this angry bird Penguin -2 , based on personal observations and experiments ;

If you have started to promote a new website, do not rush to " grow into " its links and ping any blogservises (like Ping-o-Matic or else) for faster indexing - this could be a reason to cause suspicions of Google. Regarding the links to a new site , it's clear conclusion - if Google will find links to your website before it will be indexed by Google itself, your website will become a member of a "club >>50", and perhaps even " >> 100 " or simply will be ignored in the search. Do not tease this angry bird.

to be continued...

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Why do you need web site promotion? If your company wants to get higher profits, you have to settle relations not only thru’ personal contacts with customers or advertising via press or TV/radio broadcasting (in addition it's very expensive), but also to apply new types of advertising, such as creating your company’s website. Currently, millions of people use Internet, and in this way you can attract thousands of new customers and make your business much more successful. But creating web site by itself does not give you expected success. Internet is abundantly filled with corporate web sites now. Consequently, appearing the other problem: how to make your web site more readable, more visited, and further more attractive? That’s why you need Web Site Promotion and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And what does it mean?

Web Site promotion could be explained like certain actions with your web site, aimed to promote your web site's rank in search engines. When you enter some certain words in search engine, related to your web site, important is to have your web resource listed in TOP 10 of Search Engine Result Page (SERP), it guarantees more traffic to your site. It means that your product or service will be noticed and possibly attract new clients.

Web SIte Promotion and Optimisation Manual FREE

Penguin 2.0 What a beast! PDF Print E-mail

Google didn't use the gray marketing before, but now doesn't squeamish the black. Judging from the latest conferences, their policy has changed from a humble adviser to the annoying merchant.

Search Engine Optimization


SiteOptimization (SEO) has become a necessary service, part of Web Site Development. Now if, for ex., you want to get any profits and benefits from your web site, your web resource must be searchable by major search engines (Google, Yahoo). Ask yourself – how people can reach a "dead site"? To make your web site a power tool for sales, you need Web Site Search Engine Optimization. One of the major task of web site optimization is to have the correct layout and HTML, but not eye-popping design. Naturally, even you can’t optimizing web site by yourself, however, to know the basics of SEO is a must. The following article is suitable as for developers as for competent managers in search of free and effective means for increasing the efficiency of their business.

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Here you can get you FREE HUNDRED trusted backlinks to your web site, just click the link below or menu on the right sidebar and read the instructions. It will improve the SEO status of your web resource.

FREE 100 BACKLINKS for your website SEO

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Web Promotion - Revealing The Secrets - part#1


Everybody’s  seeking the answer and everybody has its own method, which never  will be revealed for public. I just want to drop a hint on few points of web positioning.
I had many inquiries to sell some links with high PR – I don’t sell links and I really don’t know why do they need it. High PR inbound links may just increase PR of your web site, but they will not increase your position in Search Engine Result Page (SERP), so why do you need it?
On some resources I saw many such offers: we sell links with PR 9.Main page of  Alexa has PR =9. But I’ve never seen this resource, selling links, so such offers are fraud, just a fraud, don’t believe them.
And whether you bought few links, are you sure that Google bots will pay attention for such links? Ha-ha-ha  – Google bots pass by the links in footer and in the sidebars , such like “our partners”,etc. It’s well-known already a few years.
BUT: Google accepts non-active links in the text, and its weight for him is much higher than abovementioned active links. Foremost for the web positioning of your web site.
It was a secret#1 – stay connected, you will know more!

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web promotionWe offer complex web site promotion by all reliable and effective methods. In the modern world of information, well visited site is a keystone to success of your business. So, effective web promotion in the net is necessary. More and more people prefer to scoop the necessary information in web, therefore web site becomes the card of your company in the WWW. Qualitative web promotion’s became the integral element of successful image of many both large, and small companies. The most popular way of search information is search with a help of well-known searchers, such as Yahoo and Google.



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We offer  the web promotion of Forex related and "MoneyMake" websites. We have more than enough of related experience. P.e. if you type "free forex signals" in Google.com, you'll find on the 3-rd line our website www.smartforexsignal.com .We can provide many of such examples. So, if you have such website(s) and you want to get an organic web promotion -i.e. to be in TOP 10-5-3 or something else, you can contact us free and anytime. Our quotations are more than affordable, quality is guaranteed.

Web Site Promotion

Web site promotion is much cheaper than other types of advertising


Despite financial crisis, limited budget and other complexities, all of us need to increase an advertising efficiency, to make it more productive. Among numerous kinds of advertising the most popular are:
- TV
- Publishing
- Radio-broadcasting

- Internet advertising (Web site promotion


Each type of advertising promptly develops; improving receptions and influence methods, but only Internet advertising remains democratic and does not exclude the personal participation. Web promotion is working with thousands of people simultaneously. We name it brand promotion through the web site.
According statistics, up to 70 % of the people in the world are anyhow Internet connected. And their quantity constantly grows. People even have no need to leave the house, visiting online supermarkets, and working online. Now, more chance that you’ll meet your neighbor in a social network, than on the staircase. So where to find your target audience? Whether you are interested in a search engine optimization and web site promotion, what type of advertising should be chosen for your business?

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web marketing

Internet Marketing (synonyms - online marketing, web marketing) is a complex of online marketing products and services, provided by creative and technically skilled stuff. Internet marketing technologies can reach the users even they want to avoid any contacts with advertising.


Such techniques include:


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Online advertising (PPC and media)
  • SMO(social media marketing)
  • E-mail affiliate marketing
  • viral marketing


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Google Top 10

Google TOP 10 promotion Most of webmasters are crazy about TOP 10 Google. And for good reason, Google is the most famous search engine in web, which will give the greatest amount of traffic. Even those webmasters who have managed to get # 1 in the list of ranking for competitive keywords in major search engines will tell you that most of traffic they receive from Google. Moreover, the same webmasters as well tell you that promotion in Google TOP often means that your site will be profitable. Mainly because obtaining the necessary traffic is usually the main thing to have a profitable online business. In other words, if you reach Google TOP 10 for required keywords, it will be almost impossible not to earn money.